You are leaving the Nashville Assessor's WebPro website. We make no guarantees of the accuracy of the information on the external site. Newer properties may not show up at all. And the positioning of the "pushpin" may not be exact.

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On this site you will find a toolbar on the left side of the map image that looks like:

On this toolbar, you can change the view of the image that you see.

1.      Along the top you will be able to select the view that you wish to view.

  1. Clicking on "Road" will give you a standard map view.

  2. By hovering your mouse over "Aerial" on the toolbar, you will see a drop-down with map options. 

    1. By selecting "Aerial" from the toolbar, you will see a satellite image of the map.
    2. By selecting "Bird's eye" from the toolbar, you will see an aerial photo taken of the area at approximately a 30% angle.








2.      Clicking on the arrows within the circle will allow you to pan the image in the direction of the arrow you are clicking on.

3.      When in "Bird's eye" view, there will be a small N, S, E, and W at the points of the arrows on the outside of the circle. Clicking on the letter will change the direction of the image you are viewing (i.e. clicking on "S" will give you the view looking from the north, etc.). .

3.      The small magnifying glass with the "+" will zoom in on the image, the "-" will zoom out on the image.